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    Anybody know??

    We make a lot of bushings out of Delrin- https://www.mcmaster.com/turcite-stock/material~delrin-acetal-plastic/
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    123 dozer conversion

    I fought with my Miller for a long time, seemed to had a wire feed problem. New rolls, liner, tips and nozzles didn't help. Then I ran out of wire and got a new spool. It feeds like a new machine now. Just a crappy spool of wire.
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    Loader tractor build - Research & Suggestions

    Someone will correct me if I'm wrong, but I think you can reverse the input to the hydro if you flip the charge pump housing.
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    Added a Mahindra 22 Max TBL

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    14hs 321a is to tight

    Take your pistons and check the pin squareness too.
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    14hs 321a is to tight

    Try Jim's suggestion of trying the old piston if you have it. If that works, your new pistons are no good.
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    14hs 321a is to tight

    Were both pistons you tried new aftermarket? It could be the pin holes aren't bored square to the piston. I would have thought bent rod but you tried another with the same result. Were the rub marks on the rod at the top on one side and bottom on the other?
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    14hs 321a is to tight

    I read through this again. You are using the old crank and rod but you didn't say if you have a new piston. When you put it together in the block, look at the piston end of the rod and see if there is about equal clearance on both sides of the rod to the piston bosses. I think the rod is getting...
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    wanted: old chainsaws and/or old axe heads

    Grew up helping Dad when he ran his Monkey Ward saw just like that one. That's 130-some cc's of cast iron Tecumseh and they have a sound all their own. I still have it and the last time I ran it a few years ago the sound of it took me right back to being a kid dragging branches out of the way...
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    Engine spacers on a 1650?

    I think he meant 1 spacer on each bolt for a total of 4 but I could be wrong. A pic would be good.
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    Engine spacers on a 1650?

    Unless someone machined the bosses on the pan because they were worn and put the the spacers in to compensate.
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    125 timing story

    I'm wondering if it could have an AQS flywheel on it. The sight hole is on the carb side of those and would put the markings about 180 off. I'm not sure if they would fit under that shroud. Just guessing out loud.
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    125 timing story

    Before you pull the bottom off, pull the head so you can see exactly where the piston is in relation to the valve movement and the points opening. Are you turning the engine in the right direction? They are installed "backward" compared to most machines. It turns clockwise when looking at the...
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    Geezer's Garage access

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    450 Two stage blower

    Found this place in Montreal. https://hydrauliquescontinental.ca/en/splined-bushings/