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  1. dschwandt

    Steering Wheel Removal

    You need a brass drift, the bigger around the better. Leave the nut loose and run out to the end of the threads so you don't screw them up. Or, you could remove the tower steering sector and all, that way you can slide the sector tube up through the tower some enough to get a regular 3 jawed...
  2. dschwandt

    Model #1 Cub Cadet Tiller

    Check out this thread on a tiller refurbish..... https://www.ihcubcadet.com/threads/dave-s-2-tiller-refurbish.6982/
  3. dschwandt

    Engine help

    Why are these questions in the forum software support tech section and not in the IH Cub section??
  4. dschwandt

    Kohler M18S engine

    are the front wheels aligned properly? Correct pressure in tires? What kind of tires on the front? Are they wearing weirdly?
  5. dschwandt

    Winter, 2019-2020

    Yeah, I seen that too, Fir sure not a 1650 though, I have no idea what that is, looks more like a "lawn mower" Nice cart though
  6. dschwandt

    Winter, 2019-2020

  7. dschwandt

    IH Cub Cadet White/Yellow Spray Paint

    All from my local Case IH dealer and off the same shelf.
  8. dschwandt

    Sheds and Shops

    That's gonna be a lotta orange!!! You sure you weren't a driver for Schneider??? :)
  9. dschwandt

    Remove and Replace Drive Shaft on 127 Cub Cadet

    A bolt and washer will not last long I'm afraid and only be a temporary fix at best and may even exacerbate the issue further by wallowing out the holes on the shaft and coupler even more. In that case, the only correct repair would be a new shaft, coupler and pin. Are you sure your pin is a...
  10. dschwandt

    Neutral/Brake Adjustment

    There are a lot of joints, connections, rod ends and swivel bushing points to wear and they all add up in the end resulting in the problem you now have. I just completed the trunnion repair and replacement of the ends and bushings on my 1450 snow thrower rig using parts from (thanks Charlie)...
  11. dschwandt

    Engine help

    1/2 of the PB crap does wind up in the trash because the damn pressure craps out and is gone with 1/2 of the stuff still in the can. Been my experience so far anyway.
  12. dschwandt

    Winter, 2019-2020

    I meant Mother Nature!! Guess I should have said "The Old Man"!!
  13. dschwandt

    IH Cub Cadet White/Yellow Spray Paint

    Yes it is. I get Rustoleum transport yellow by the 6 pack from Home Depot shipped right to my door. The IH dealer I but qt. cans for spray gun use also stock the reducer and hardener as well. I use the spray cans for small parts during assembly and can tell no difference in color. The larger...
  14. dschwandt

    Winter, 2019-2020

    The 882 pictured in the 1st post has front hydraulic outlets and the angle blade set up is OEM. It was a factory option on the 1450 and 1650 as well.
  15. dschwandt

    Winter, 2019-2020

    Here's my snow crew for this season This trio should handle most anything Ma can throw our way 1450 W/QA42A 149 W/DanCo and snow bucket plus weight bhox on rrear and fluid filled tires 882 smoker w/42" hydraulic angle blade.