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  1. dschwandt

    No start

    OK, is there juice to the points from the coil? Check with your VOM If there is and they are working and adjusted correctly your test lamp should flash when cranking with it connected to the condenser side of the coil. If the test lamp flashes you should have spark at the plug
  2. dschwandt

    Anyone Plowing/ Manure spreading for spring

    I'll spread some lawn debris before I plow and then other stuff in the spring before the tilling. The bean stalks will yield to the disc, it's a Brinly piece BTW, and get plowed in as well. I usually take a clippers to the sweet corn stalks as soon as it is harvested but this year I didn't get...
  3. dschwandt

    Anyone Plowing/ Manure spreading for spring

    OOPS! Forgot the picture!!
  4. dschwandt

    Gardens 2020

    That time of year again to start putting the garden to bed for another season. We still have beans and tomatoes yet. Here's the 882 seeing how much it can lift and still steer w/o any weight on front.
  5. dschwandt

    149 hydro Problem

    you need a 1/4" spirol pin, not the split pins you find in a hardware store. But then,..... if the holes in the driveshaft and coupler are worn badly, .....even that may just fall out.
  6. dschwandt

    1450 Grill spring fasteners

    push the hook end through the slots in the grill casting and engage the slot in the grill mesh the turn 90*
  7. dschwandt

    Anyone Plowing/ Manure spreading for spring

    I fall plow and then till in the spring Works like a charm. Speaking of fall plowing....... It's just about that time again but this year it looks like I'll have to be content with only that instead of "Plow Days" GRRRRR.......
  8. dschwandt

    1450 mower deck

    I agree, The deck should hang from the tractor otherwise, if the terrain is rough enough in places, the weight of the tractor may end up bearing on the deck at times
  9. dschwandt

    Brinkley hitch/lift for agri-fab aerator

    Thanks! Works great as well One can pick it up to skip over walks and drives as well as back into corners.
  10. dschwandt

    Hydraulic Angled Blade Attachment

    They are repairable by a qualified shop. They have to be cut apart, repaired and then welded back together, I have had two of them done by Link Hydraulics in Dubuque, IA
  11. dschwandt

    1450 resto

    Looks great!! Probably gonna run a little warm though with all that paint on the hydro fins. Did you have the pan bolted in place when you welded the cross member in? Might want to test fit before installing in the tractor, may need a bit of tweaking to line the holes up.
  12. dschwandt

    Anyone Plowing/ Manure spreading for spring

    Dig 'em out and cut 'em off.
  13. dschwandt

    SB 9A followed me home

    There was a diagram inside the cover if one can de-cipher it. I went with 110 cause the darned electrician stood me up.....again!!
  14. dschwandt

    SB 9A followed me home

    On my desk yesterday when we got home from a weekend trip. OEM South Bens faceplate and an NOS Bison 5" chuck w 2 sets of jaws. Should look good on my 71 year old 9A!