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  1. dschwandt

    Will a 106 Hood fit my 123?

    106 hood is same as 107, 126, 127, 147, 123hood is same as 71, 102, 122 I think one is longer than the other as well.
  2. dschwandt

    Brinley Sleeve Hitch Assembly

    Yes it will bolt on to the Original rear end case, but.... You would need the original 3 point lift system for an Original for that to work on an Original. Different from later models in that it is a stand alone system. That's a great price for someone searching for one.
  3. dschwandt

    NF lift bar and lift arm for hydraulic lift installation

    Copy of the parts I had to make for the installation on the 126 I restored several years ago. $75 + S&H About 8 lbs PayPal accepted
  4. dschwandt

    New member from Wisconsin with a 782

    Usually the weekend after the 4th, July 9-11 Columbia county fairgrounds
  5. dschwandt

    New member from Wisconsin with a 782

    Brian, It's a HUGE GT show, around 900+ GT's last time I was there! And, BIG swap meet as well!
  6. dschwandt

    New member from Wisconsin with a 782

    Welcome aboard Brian! Will we be seeing your smiling face at the Portage Garden Tractor Daze this July??
  7. dschwandt

    My 147 Cub!

    Great looking unit there Justin!! The looks and lines of the 147's are timeless!! Wish mine looked that good.
  8. dschwandt

    Steering column search

    That really sucks. Did you hit something while turning? Kids sitting on them and jerking the wheel back and forth up against the stops will do that you know. One sees that kind of crap at shows all the time when no one is looking. And a lot of their parents stand right there and don't care...
  9. dschwandt

    Hydraulic angle blade cylinder brackets

    Both sets are spoken for!
  10. dschwandt

    Hydraulic angle blade cylinder brackets

    $35 + S&H Two pair available New parts, were test fit on a blade with cylinder assembly. PayPal accepted Contact through E-mail or PM this site. Thanks for the ad!!
  11. dschwandt

    Made a vise stop for my mill table

    I see they have that listed on the parts diagram. A metal plug of sorts withn a hole for the zert. Guess I should order one. Should have included that when I ordered the new jaws that showed up yesterday. The will replace the peckered up ones that were on it when I picked it up. Then I can use...
  12. dschwandt

    wanted a mower deck

    Will di. A 44A should not be hard to find, but, one in good usable condition is another story. I restored one several years back. The bearings and blades are not cheap and the shells are usually pretty beat up and rusted from being left out in the elements. Where are you located in WI? I may...
  13. dschwandt

    wanted a mower deck

    Good place to look for one would be at the big show in Portage, WI in July. I think it is the 1st weekend after the 4th IIRC As soon as I get my show guide for this yoear I will post details. I understand that Cub Cadet will be the feature tractor this year. We here in the Midwest need to make...
  14. dschwandt

    K241 carburetor

    Way to go!!! Outstanding!!
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