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    123 dozer conversion

    Do you have a spring in the tensioning system in case you pick up a rock or other crap between the sprockets and the track?
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    123 dozer conversion

    Do you have ESP or sumthin? I've been plotting and conviving how to do a dozer conversion for my dad's old Cub for years. I hadn't thought about a delta design and was going with a conventional track design on rubber treads. I had even planned on a hydraulic steering brake system similar to...
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    QA42a blower - correct police

    There would be more cost savings if you painted everything as a unit. If you are installing something on a freshly painted unit you have to be careful not to scratch up the paint too much. Too much paint damage and the customer is not going to be happy. A more likely explanation for the...
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    Much demand for albino squirrels at petting zoos? Sounds like a pretty limited market. Might be kinda hard to get rich and famous - I wouldn't quit my day job just yet.
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    Quietline 1000 Down under

    Rats, white wheels - I LIKED the look of the chromies. When you had the Cub apart did you take a look at the weld on the shift lever for cracks? The weld broke on my 1000 with a 3 speed manual transmission earlier this summer. It seems that is a common problem with the 3 speeds, but it's an...
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    Parts For Sale Non-IH windbreaker - free to good home

    I've got a non-IH windbreaker that my Dad used to use. He modified it to fit his 1452 and used it for many years when blowing snow. I don't use it and now it's just taking up space in my garage. You want it, you gotta help get it out - I'm in Manchester, IA. Last time I looked at it, the...
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    Mini International Tractor spotted

    Hmmmm...... Chromies on the front, like the 1066, wouldn't look too bad either.
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    Mini International Tractor spotted

    The 1066 with the white hood is probably the one I'm thinking of. I'm pretty sure there was also a Canadian special edition that had a gold hood. You've got the headliights looking good, do you have work lights in the back too? Don
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    Mini International Tractor spotted

    vthomley: You've got a nice looking little tractor there. The only thing that makes it look a little out of the ordinary is there's no exhaust sticking up through the hood. Normally IH tractors would be painted in a color scheme similar to the little beauty that started this thread,. But I...
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    Parts Wanted Snow blade

    To those who contacted me, thanks. I found a blade a few miles away for a reasonable price and snatched it up. Don
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    Parts Wanted Snow blade

    Looking for a snow blade to fit a Cub 1000, and I'd REALLY like to find one 200 miles or less from Manchester IA. If I have to, I'll buy a new after-market blade, but I'd prefer to find an IH blade. (I was brought up on IH red and Ford blue.) Thanks, Don
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    Thought I might share a new Pup picture

    I used to grow tomatoes on my deck. My problem wasn't the pets, it was the squirrels. As soon as the tomatoes started to turn color the tree-rats would pick the tomato. They then had the nerve to sit on the deck railing eating the tomato. I know this because they would leave the remains of...