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    Tax Auctions

    I bought my house as a bank foreclosure in 2008. The prior owner had moved out on May/June of 2007, paid off the estimated water bill, and asked for the water to be turned off. Turns out the actual water bill was more than the estimate, by less than a buck - so the city wouldn't turn off the...
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    New to forum from central illinois

    James: You still looking for a snow thrower? I've got one, the 42", it was used on a 1452. PM me if interested, I've also got a tiller. They both work, but will need a lot of love. I got them from my Dad years ago. He used them for years and I HAVEN'T used them for years. I'm in northeast...
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    CLEAN Jokes

    What's the difference bewteen an Electrical Engineer and a Civil Engineer? Among other things, an Electrical Engineer can build weapons systems. All a Civil Engineer can build is targets. I'm an Electrical Engineer by the way, and my brother is a Civil Engineer. And we both love engineer's...
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    CLEAN Jokes

    Three engineers were out for a drive in the country one day, a Mechanical Engineer, an Electrical Engineer, and a Microsoft Software Engineer. (You seeing a pattern here?) As they were driving along the engine suddenly stopped running. They were speculating on the cause of the problem when the...
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    CLEAN Jokes

    Three engineers, a Mechanical Engineer, an Electrical Engineer, and a Computer Engineer were out riding in a car in the mountains one day. The car's brakes failed and they went careening down the mountain at break-neck speed - narrowly missing a school bus full of children. Eventually they...
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    CLEAN Jokes

    Three engineers, a Mechanical Engineer, an Electrical Engineer, and a Civil Engineer, were sitting in a bar discussing what type of engineer God had to be to create the perfection that is woman's body. The ME claimed that God was a Mechanical Engineer due to the way that the joints were...
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    123 dozer conversion

    Thoughts? Lots of anti-sieze on those front axle parts so they don't rust up and turn into one piece.
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    123 dozer conversion

    Do you have a spring in the tensioning system in case you pick up a rock or other crap between the sprockets and the track?
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    123 dozer conversion

    Do you have ESP or sumthin? I've been plotting and conviving how to do a dozer conversion for my dad's old Cub for years. I hadn't thought about a delta design and was going with a conventional track design on rubber treads. I had even planned on a hydraulic steering brake system similar to...
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    QA42a blower - correct police

    There would be more cost savings if you painted everything as a unit. If you are installing something on a freshly painted unit you have to be careful not to scratch up the paint too much. Too much paint damage and the customer is not going to be happy. A more likely explanation for the...
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    Much demand for albino squirrels at petting zoos? Sounds like a pretty limited market. Might be kinda hard to get rich and famous - I wouldn't quit my day job just yet.
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    Quietline 1000 Down under

    Rats, white wheels - I LIKED the look of the chromies. When you had the Cub apart did you take a look at the weld on the shift lever for cracks? The weld broke on my 1000 with a 3 speed manual transmission earlier this summer. It seems that is a common problem with the 3 speeds, but it's an...
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    Parts For Sale Non-IH windbreaker - free to good home

    I've got a non-IH windbreaker that my Dad used to use. He modified it to fit his 1452 and used it for many years when blowing snow. I don't use it and now it's just taking up space in my garage. You want it, you gotta help get it out - I'm in Manchester, IA. Last time I looked at it, the...
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    Mini International Tractor spotted

    Hmmmm...... Chromies on the front, like the 1066, wouldn't look too bad either.
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    Mini International Tractor spotted

    The 1066 with the white hood is probably the one I'm thinking of. I'm pretty sure there was also a Canadian special edition that had a gold hood. You've got the headliights looking good, do you have work lights in the back too? Don