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  1. dkirk

    2nd Coil

    The Quietline series of Cub Cadets featured a rubber-mounted engine. The ignition coil was mounted to the engine, thus all engine vibration is transmitted directly to the ignition coil. I'm convinced that coil failures on these tractors are all caused by vibration. The stock Delco coil was...
  2. dkirk

    Dave Kirk shoutout

    I need to send Taryl a little something for dental work.
  3. dkirk

    coil question and introduction

    My rule of thumb - if the Kohler is not running, the key is in my pocket. Don't retrofit with a hotrod, high energy coil. Primary resistance should always be no lower than 3.0 ohms. Lower resistance draws more current. The hotrod coils are wound for 1.2 ohms primary resistance which means...
  4. dkirk

    1450 heavy duty front spindles

    Northern has a sale on heavy duty front wheel hubs...these are the same ones I used...
  5. dkirk

    Model 1811 Pulling Roller, Just Stopped Pulling

    Fix for creepy roll pins.
  6. dkirk

    Dave Kirk shoutout

    Wow, I need to send Taryl a commission. Thanks for bringing this to my attention Doug. Captain Kirk
  7. dkirk

    1450 heavy duty front spindles

    Thanks Tony. The spacer provides a twofold function - it allows proper spacing for the hubs such that front wheels are at the stock width and it provides a proper diameter for the hub grease seal to run on. The hubs are machined from their backside. The bearing race has to be removed (brass...
  8. dkirk

    1450 heavy duty front spindles

    Steve, it looks like the correct hub but what's shown is a hub/ don't need the spindle. Hubs alone are around $40 each and are available at Tractor Supply and other implement suppliers. Just be sure they are for a 1.000 inch diameter axle. You can also get them in a 5-stud hub...
  9. dkirk

    1450 heavy duty front spindles

    My 1975 Cub Cadet came with the .750 dia front axles. I got tired of replacing the stock ball bearings every 3 years as the weight of the QA-42A snowthrower would wear them out. Bought a pair of 1.000 dia axle spindles from eBay and a set of 4-bolt trailer hubs from Northern Equipment. Some...
  10. dkirk

    Winterization ?

    Just a couple of things to ponder. Leaving gasoline in the carburetor can be problematic in that these carbs are vented to atmosphere. The light ends of the fuel thus evaporate and the gravity feed tank keeps supplying gasoline to the float bowl. Over time, this results in a bowl full of...
  11. dkirk

    Merry Christmas From Kirk Engines, Inc.

    Loud pipes - wakes up babies.
  12. dkirk

    Merry Christmas From Kirk Engines, Inc.

    My usual Christmas Card - only those on this forum understand it. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all those that frequent this great forum! Dave Kirk
  13. dkirk

    IH CC 782 Conversion to U-Joint Drive Shaft

    You need 1 rag joint in the system as this acts not only as a universal joint, but a torsional isolator. This cushions the destructive speed variations imparted by single and twin-cylinder engines, protecting the transmission internals.
  14. dkirk

    Black n Yellow

    Is this discussion about the International Ping-Pong Championship? I heard hundreds of people were killed.
  15. dkirk

    spark plug hole in head ... moved?

    Proper engine design practice is to locate the spark plug over the hottest area of the combustion chamber - in the case of an L-head engine (flat head), this is directly over the exhaust valve. This allows the advancing flame front to propagate toward the cooler parts of the chamber after...