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  1. dkirk

    Lubricating Idler Pulleys

    You can extend the life of your idler pulleys by annually lubricating them with a large animal syringe filled with grease. The syringe can be purchased at most farm supply stores. Insert stylus under the seal lip and inject grease into the bearing. Doesn't take much, only a few cc's.
  2. dkirk

    Question about Kohler k181 engine

    After torquing head bolts, run engine at fast idle for 15 - 20 minutes, no load. Shut down and let engine cool back to ambient temperature. Retorque head bolts. You'll probably find that torque values have relaxed some - this is normal. This second procedure is important and will prevent head...
  3. dkirk

    Need a 782 hood ornament !!!

    I designed my own and had it made of 302 Stainless steel. The Quietlines didn't come with a hood ornament but I needed to cover 2 holes that the previous owner drilled in the hood.
  4. dkirk

    Oregon Gator Blades

    Thanks Jim and Doug. I wanted two sets - one mounted and the other sharpened and ready to swap. I'll have to cruise eBay and see if anyone has a used set for sale at some exorbitant price.
  5. dkirk

    Oregon Gator Blades

    Jim, thanks for the part number reference. Clicking on the link you provided, it shows that 90-657 has been discontinued too.
  6. dkirk

    Oregon Gator Blades

    I recently tried to purchase a second set of Oregon Gator blades for my 44A mower deck. Oregon part number is 90-957. Much to my dismay, I find that these are no longer being produced by Oregon. The set consists of 3 equal length blades, 15.3" length, 2.5" width. I like the cut and lift that...
  7. dkirk

    Engine oil

    Religion, politics and engine oil - all highly emotionally-driven subjects.
  8. dkirk

    Parts Wanted Model 70 original Magneto

    If it were mine, I'd try to keep tractor as original as possible. If you do a web search, you can find coils for these Bendix magnetos. They are expensive but cheaper and easier than converting tractor to a starter-generator.
  9. dkirk

    Starting your cub in COLD weather.

    I have a couple of suggestions. These things work for me and my 1250 Cub is used year-round. I get reliable starting in the garage at 0 deg F (thermometer in the garage). 1. Use a battery tender. These will not overcharge the battery yet will keep it topped off. 2. Use winter grade...
  10. dkirk

    automatic compression relief and sludge

    Here's my contribution to Nightmare On Sludge Street. That's a golf tee supported by The Blob. Note the crankcase window in the upper left of the photo - that's not supposed to be there.
  11. dkirk

    anti seize on a K block

    Thank you Charlie - I appreciate the compliment. Don't know if I qualify for the "expert" title but I always use Anti-Seize on head bolts, head studs and exhaust fitting threads. Provided initial lubrication for accurate torque values and I've never had a problem with removal after many...
  12. dkirk

    2084 old smokey

    Suggested first things to check. Air filter element may need replacing. Check carburetor float setting. Be sure carb bowl vent passage is open. Fuel pump could be failing and over pressurizing float needle force.
  13. dkirk

    Hello all, what did I buy?

    Check out Todd's last photo - the shot from the side. That's not the original Kohler K-341. Looks like a replacement engine.
  14. dkirk

    K-301 Started using oil.

    Perform a leak-down compression check. That should indicate whether a ring has failed. Listen for air leaking into crankcase (through dip stick tube) - a sure indication that rings are not sealing properly. Check breather for reed valve working properly.
  15. dkirk

    2nd Coil

    The Quietline series of Cub Cadets featured a rubber-mounted engine. The ignition coil was mounted to the engine, thus all engine vibration is transmitted directly to the ignition coil. I'm convinced that coil failures on these tractors are all caused by vibration. The stock Delco coil was...