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    Battery maintenance

    Those overpriced oil saturated washers that go over the terminals and under the lugs work to prevent corrosion
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    Ultrasonic cleaner for small parts questions

    look at a comment about using the solvent appropriate to the project. Makes sense to me
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    Tachometer used to set speed on K-301

    I have one, and a pencil type vibrator tach, but I prefer a digital induction tach that picks up from the plug wire - it can also have an hour meter. Leave it mounted. Use 'em on my ATVs too.
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    149 PTO clutch

    lookup a clutch spring tool or DIY
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    Blade or thrower?

    plows move the snow, but its still there 'til it melts. snowthrowers are magic, I don't know where it goes, but its gone
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    Can you spread gravel with a front plow blade?

    The wheelbase is too short - I can't drop the blade far enough when I'm climbing the pile. I use an old bed frame with cement blocks on it for a drag harrow. Don't have a picture of the bed frame sled.
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    Cub Cadet 2155 Flywheel hand turns but seems to stop.

    check conn rod dipper length
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    Kohler M18S engine

    Amen to a dry carb. Shut of and run dry. Any engine. 2 strokes I run on E-Free gas. Amazingly they start when you need them
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    removing aluminum rod residue from a crank

    I used lye - stove cleaner - this time (don't ask) it did not work as well as muriatic acid. I have applied acid with a Q tip and the aluminum will turn black. Either way it needs to be finished with emery cloth.
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    MY Line UP for 2019/20 Snow Season

    I'm selling Brinly attachments ground plow, box plow, harrow, etc SE MA Foxboro area
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    Archive through June 16, 2013

    Hi Guys I need a Wide Lower 3pt Bracket to straddle the narrow one on a narrow frame ie. 146 dankelley oh ate at gmail dot com
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    I have a 1211 - is this the forum to use for info? Dan