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    149 voltage regulator nightmare

    I DO NOT know how the subject got changed,BUT I just wanted to restate something I learned the hard way. After checking and finding at least 5 regulators I had laying around from my 108 to 149 tractors with my FLUKE digital meter I discovered that digital meters are to sensitive. The...
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    Another sleeve hitch question, 1650

    I have what you need I am located in zip 17062. Respond with your email if interested
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    Greetings from Pennsylvania!

    Welcome from central Pa 17062
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    Greetings from central Pennsylvania!

    I live in Millerstown Pa 17062. I have a 108 with creeper, a 109, a 129 and a149 all of witch are running worker machines and a large amount of extra parts, including eng blocks ,front axles, manuel and hydro trans and much more.At my age,76, I need to thin the herd. I am not able to post pics...
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    Compressor issue

    I have removed lots of pipe plugs, both internal and external, that would not loosen, by first tightning them more, just 5 t0 degrees to break the SET. They can be loosened. TRY IT
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    149 voltage regulator nightmare

    First of all, I agree with you that an automotive parts place would not honor electicial parts warranty on parts they got from a vendor, BUT in my case I was dealing with an OEM dealer. I spent 20 years working directly for a CUMMINS ENG CO Branch Distributor as a Field Tech, and another 20...
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    149 voltage regulator nightmare

    Did anyone have a good experience buying a NON OEM V/R. I purchased 4 on eBAY and 1 from my local Cub Cadet dealer who had no OEM regulators in stock. All of them did not function properly. The local dealer personally tried to adjust it. I loaded my 149 on a trailer, drove 12 miles to the...
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    slippery coating for snow thrower

    Several years ago there was a posting on a product that would help prevent snow from sticking.on snow thrower shout and auger.I am trying to remember what it was. All help is apreciaded. Thanks
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    42in bolt on deck

    I have a 42in bolt on deck the I want to modify to use on a 149 wide frame. the deck I have is missing one of the belt drive outer pulleys which use a square key to mount the pulley. I believe the deck # is IH 477594 R21. If that is correct I would like to get a parts break down. The belt...
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    Hydraulic lever stuck model 147

    I had the same problem on a 149 that's sat so long that the yellow paint on the tractor had failed by about 20 shades. I think it was in a flood a long time back. My problem turned out to be the balljoint ends the linkage to the speed control cam. After removing the linkage,soaking in kroil and...
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    Charging issues

    I just want to mention that 2 years ago I received 3 s/g in a row, for two 149 tractors that did not work from my local cub dealer I identified them as off shore built units because the terminal nuts were metric. The dealer made a phone call and then told me I had to specify OEM spec. They...
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    Archive through September 11, 2018

    I am looking for a source to get the 3/4 inch id shim washers to get the proper end play for my 129 front wheels. Please help Thank you
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    Archive through June 26, 2017

    The DANCO UD 6 has been spoken for. It is no longer available. Thanks for looking.
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    Archive through June 26, 2017

    I have a DANCO UD 6 creeper assy that came with a pile Cub parts.I have no need for it. I took the top off and found the sliding step gear with 24 tooth/40tooth must be replaced.The rest of the gears show wear but appear reusable. the shift fork also shows some wear but also is reusable. the...
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    Archive through August 10, 2017

    I resently bought a 129 sight unseen and found it to have the 149 style hydraulic lift system on it. This morning I was on CL- Harrisburg Pa and there is another 129 with 149 style lift handle. QUESTION Was it optional on the 129's?