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    LT1045 Flywheel issue

    I haven't had the problem you describe with a Kohler. B&S engines have those symptoms when one or both valves are out of adjustment.
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    1250 Engine Trouble

    I have had problems with two 1650's that were very similar to the symptoms you describe. I focused on fuel problems both times. One problem was resolved by replacing the coil which probably didn't have a whole hour of run time on it, the other was a bad condenser. Both times the guilty party...
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    Vtwin in a cub

    A few years ago I put a 25 hp Kohler v twin in my 782. Before installation I tried to put that engine in a 1650 frame but it wouldn't fit without cutting the sides of the frame.
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    Archive through April 30, 2015

    Rob, About two years ago I made that same modification to the deck on my 782, I found some blades the same length with a different offset. My cutting edges are less than 1/16" from each other. I drilled a 1/4" hole in both sides of one blade and installed soft bolts with a nut and then peened...
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    Archive through July 31, 2014

    Doug W. I tried to find used motorcycle hydraulic brake components to put dual brakes on a 782. The prices quoted on parts from scrap piles changed my Scotch mind after stopping at only two scrap yards. I have mechanical dual brakes on it now. I used the pedals from an off topic tractor. I still...
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    Archive through May 14, 2014

    Trent P. If you still haven't repaired your cylinder head I'll give you the numbers for a repair kit. It came from CARQUEST # HC 5334-14 it's called "SAV-A-THREAD" M14X1.25.The only thing I disliked about the kit was the price, as I remember it wasn't cheap. I have used mine a few times...
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    Archive through March 18, 2014

    Tim Z. I believe I had exactly the same symptoms you describe on my 1650. It was the coil, I tried a new one right out of the box and it did the same thing. I am using the old coil from my 70 Chevy pickup and have not had a sputter since.
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    Archive through September 09, 2013

    J. Chamberlin, I think the info you are looking for is found under the heading of "setback and bend allowance". If you do a Google search with that heading there is a ton of info on sheet metal work.
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    Archive through August 02, 2013

    Bill J. I bought a 149 with a 42" deck in July of 1973 from Dowling IH in Enterprise, Al. It has been primarily used for mowing and garden duty. It was on vacation for four years, during that time I was in Germany and Korea. It has had no major issues during its life and has never spent a night...
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    Archive through May 12, 2013

    Brian W. I have installed Kohler 23 & 25HP V-twins in a 682 & 782. The holes in the engine mount plate had to be redrilled and driveshaft length changed. I used small engine mufflers from Carquest on the 682 and made a pair for the 782. I used a relay for the ignition. It was plug and go, no...
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    Archive through April 26, 2013

    Jon Stevens, I put that mod on a 682 and trimmed the fan like you want to. I never could tell that it made any difference in the hydro temp. I only used that one for regular lawn duty. It might have made a change in temp if I had plowed for a few hours with it. I sold it a while back, it has a...
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    Archive through February 13, 2013

    Bill J. I bought a 25 HP Kohler V-twin for my 782 CC. Before I installed it I tried to put it into a bare 1650 frame just in case I wanted to make a swap later. It will not fit without modifying the frame. That's been awhile ago so I don't remember exactly what it would have taken to make it...
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    Archive through February 20, 2012

    K. Williams, I printed that info from his site a long time ago. I like to have things on paper, it's easier to reference what I need.
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    Archive through February 20, 2012

    K. Williams, Brian Millers website said to use a shell reamer 1.625 Dia. with plenty of cutting oil. I did several rods for myself on my brothers Bridgeport using a boring head dry. You just have to be extra careful when adjusting it. Use a keyway cutter to make recesses for the insert tang...
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    Archive through September 22, 2012

    Gerry Ide, Sorry I will try and get you a pic soon. To be honest it never occured to me, it just looks like 3 X's under there.