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    Archive through December 28, 2008

    I've got 12 Cub Cadets that need moved. Most are extras of ones in my collection. Original serial #50424, had running probably 2 years ago. Needs carb cleaned. $275 Also includes Original rearend serial #50426. 124 rolling chassis $150 129 runs good but needs carb cleaned again and...
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    Archive through April 12, 2008

    I've got a few more Cub Cadets to sale. 124 with 42in mower deck, $300. 109 with 38in mower deck, $200. 127 with 42in mower deck, 3pt, and spring assist. $400 or $300 without 3pt and sa. Tiller not included and not for sale. I've also got 2 71s and a 100 with 38in mower...
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    Archive through November 11, 2007

    I should have posted this with the picture of the 108, but didn't think about it. The 108 does not have a creeper. This is why it needs a driveshaft.
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    Archive through November 11, 2007

    Got a few cubs that I'd like to move due to other interests. 127 with 42in mower deck & 3pt hitch, carb needs cleaned, ran good the best I recall. $350 or will take $300 without the 3pt. Attached tiller isn't for sale. 71 with 38in mower deck, runs but smokes. $200 71...
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    Archive through September 23, 2007

    I've got a few Cub Cadets for sale. I've got 2 71s with 38in mower decks $250 each, a 100 with 38in mower deck $250 , 102 mostly for parts $75, 108 $200, 125 project tractor $200, 127 with 42in mower deck & 3pt $350, and a 109 with 42in mower deck $200. Also have some parts. Just got in a...
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    Archive through August 31, 2007

    Just wanted to invite everyone to the 23rd annual White River Valley Antique Show this coming weekend at Elnora, IN. September 6, 7, 8, and 9 2007. Featuring Co-op and Cockshut tractors. There is a huge flea market, consignment area, horse pull, tractor square dancers, garden tractor pulls...
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    Archive through August 14, 2007

    Just got in a few more cubs. They include: A 1250 with 44in mower deck. I know it needs a seat and battery. Engine was just supposed to have been rebuilt before I got it. Iso-mounts already replaced. Runs & drives good. $375 A 109 with either a 38 or 42in mower deck. I don't...
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    Archive through June 07, 2007

    I've got a problem that hopefully someone that has a hydrostatic Cub Cadet can answer for me. A guy came to my place the other day with a rearend and hydro assembly out of a 1250. He says it would drive fine going forwards, but it wouldn't hardly move in reverse. It eventually quit both...
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    Archive through January 25, 2005

    I'm looking for a good used Dodge 1500 truck. I've got a 1995 Chevy S-10 and I'm wanting to upgrade. I've been looking at a 2004 Dodge 1500, has the 4.7 liter V-8 engine, 4 wheel drive, automatic, quad cab, short bed, white, has almost 44,000 miles, has good tires. If I take the truck, it...
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    Archive through November 15, 2005

    Steve, Thanks for your reply. My 100 is a lot like yours if I remember right, only don't look as good as yours. Looks like it will get the pto put in sometime this winter.
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    Archive through November 15, 2005

    Recently picked up a rear pto option for a narrow frame. I believe it came out of a 70. Can I put this in, lets say a 100, that has a 3pt hitch? I really want to put this in my 100 because it has several options, but I use the 3pt a lot. Have lots of CCs, but they all have 3pt hitchs...
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    Archive through October 07, 2005

    Picked up this Brinly dump cart yesterday. I think someone has done some work on the hitch, but I'm not sure. I've never seen one before. Does anyone have one that they can email me some pictures of? I don't have any literature that shows the dump carts. If the hitch has been worked on, I want...
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    Archive through October 01, 2005

    Just wanted to let everyone know that the IH Indiana #7 collectors club will be having a plow day at Elnora, IN on October 8. Incase of rain it will be held on the 15th. Plowing starts at 8AM. We are going to have plenty of room for Cub Cadets to plow. Taking four myself. If you plan on...
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    Archive through September 02, 2005

    Also forgot to post about a local show. The White River Valley Antique Association at Elnora, IN will be having its annual show on September 9, 10, and 11. The feature tractor brand is Case, but there will be lot of the other major brands also. Usually lots of Cub Cadet there too. I'm...
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    Archive through September 02, 2005

    Does anyone know if Cub Cadet Connection has changed their phone number and email address? I've tried to call the number on their web site, but its been disconnected and I don't get any replys to my emails. I really need to get in touch with them. Thanks in advance.