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  1. dbrooks

    Rear pto

    Here is a link for some more info. What is all needed is in my avatar pic. Here is my Cub Cadet 70 turned 100 with working pto and adapter. It turns CCW at a 7-1 reduction of engine speed. It is not live and disengages when tractor...
  2. dbrooks

    Cub Cadet Original

    I saw one on ebay in Iowa.
  3. dbrooks

    Archive through January 16, 2010

    Hi, I am a new member from southern Ohio but have been a member of other Farmall forums for a while. I have a 70 cub cadet that was my dad's and I still use it for trim mowing. It has a few mods but I do have a complete 12 hp Kohler also that I put on it for my dad in 1978. I also have a 57...