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    Evolution carbide chop saw

    Rage 2 here. The saw runs at a much lower RPM than one made for an abrasive disc or wood blade, the transmission is geared differently. The mandrel is standard, I think it's 1". I got mine through Home Depot, good price and delivered to my local store. There's a sharpening shop here in Amarillo...
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    102 Brake Pads

    Can't leave a message if the voicemail hangs up! Anyway. I found your reply. It went to spam on the 9th. Don't know why, I get every political campaign email in the world. That stuff needs to go to spam! Just FYI, you can't fix it if you don't know it's broken. Your voicemail hung up on me...
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    102 Brake Pads

    I'm not on FB, they are way too invasive. Check your emails from last Thursday. I was asking about a gasket set for a 102. Apparently there's a problem with your chat, it doesn't open a chat window, and you didn't even mention that as a means of communication. As for calling, it went straight to...
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    102 Brake Pads

    Does anybody know where to get wet brake pads, the kind that are inside the reduction housing? Part #IH-384719-R2. CC Specialties may or may not have them. They don't currently answer calls, return calls, respond to their chat, or reply to emails. It may be a Covid thing, no way of knowing. Is...
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    Cub Cadet 102 front wheels/bearings

    I went to my local bearing supply store. They had the bearings in stock for about $12 each. Take an old nearing with you!