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  1. Cubbie

    Hello from Massachusetts

    Holy cow, that's incredible. How much space do you need to keep them?
  2. Cubbie

    Hello from Massachusetts

    Hello Matt, That's awesome. Can you tell us how many there are in your entire collection?
  3. Cubbie

    Greetings from the Mitten!

    Hello Dan, welcome to the forum. Got some pics?🙂
  4. Cubbie

    Hello from Massachusetts

    Welcome, Matt, and enjoy the forum. That's a huge crowd. Are they all in working condition?
  5. Cubbie

    New to forum

    They look awesome. Have you figured out how to install the attachments?
  6. Cubbie

    Noob in Northern Illinois

    Welcome to the forum. Any progress on your search?🙂
  7. Cubbie

    New guy. Again

    Welcome back and congrats on your retirement.:) Got some pics of your toys?
  8. Cubbie

    New to forum

    That's great. Sounds like a complete package. Keep us posted? Thanks for the reply.
  9. Cubbie

    New to forum

    Welcome, Obie. Enjoy the forum. Are the other 2 in working condition too?
  10. Cubbie

    New to Forum….

    Welcome, Larry. Enjoy the forum. Keep us posted? Thanks.
  11. Cubbie

    New guy in Cincinnati

    Welcome, Steve, and congrats on your retirement. Glad to have you here. Keep us posted?:)
  12. Cubbie

    Hello from West Central Wisconsin.

    Welcome to the forum. Got pics of your 149 Hydro?
  13. Cubbie

    New to the forum ,Northeast PA

    Hello Bob, welcome and enjoy the forum. Got some pics?
  14. Cubbie

    New to the Forum, Sandy Hook Connecticut

    Welcome to the forum. Are all of them working? Love to see some pics.
  15. Cubbie

    Jc i own 1250 IH cub