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    Kohler CH16 (Cub 2166) carb linkage

    I hope this will work for you. It's a page from the manual for my 2155, but also covers he 2165. might be close enough.
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    Cub 1420

    Got a chance a couple weeks ago to put up a 1420. The P.O. had tore apart the hydro and gave up on it. After getting it home and letting it set in the trailer for a week I at least put the rearend back in it so I can roll it around, and I needed the trailer. Good looking, and running tractor. I...
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    Archive through July 31, 2019

    John N. The hub cover on your trailer has the Wheelhorse markings on it. Found this picture on the web.
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    Newer Toy/ Look what followed me home

    Well after a couple weeks of mowing the pto stopped working again. This tractor spent more time outside than I originally thought. Somewhere in the ground side of the pto circuit it would no longer make connection. I didn't like all the safetys on mower anyway. I created a new ground circuit. I...
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    Newer Toy/ Look what followed me home

    About a month ago my wife found an ad on Facebook for a Cub Cadet 2155. She showed me the pictures and I said to see if we could go look at it. Saturday we went and looked at it and it liked me so much it followed us home. It needed a new tire and a pto switch. The new tire went on within 24...
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    Archive through October 27, 2013

    Thoughts and prayers going out to Charlie and his family!
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    Shop press (HF)

    You did good in getting the 20 ton. I have had a 12 ton for many years, long enough to replace the jack twice, and even though it has lasted it has it's weak spots. The 12 ton frame is angle iron uprights and under enough pressure they will start to buckle. I've welded flat stock tying the angle...
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    Archive through September 19, 2013

    David Schwandt, I looked at the wiring and it is held along the frame by three holders. Maybe it has something to do with the different models, 1250, 1450 and 1650.? Tonight I had a couple minutes and took the top plate off the muffler box and it doesn't look like the motor fins had ever been...
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    Archive through September 17, 2013

    Hi everyone! Been awhile since I've been on but I wanted to show you all what followed me home the other day. QL 1450 I date coded it to June of '76. It has the aftermarket motor bushing repair pic 3 (lol), that will not stay, a few wiring issues, the front end adjusted. I pulled the rear...
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    A sad day for Shelby

    Wayne, I was about Shelby's age when I lost my first pet. I don't remember much other than my Mom taking him to the vet and he didn't come home with her. At 19 our family lost our other Irish Setter and that tore my heart out. My Dad still, 25 years later, has his ashes and can not part with...
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    I'm a Grandpa!

    Congrats Tom! Remember grandchildren are to be spoiled and sent home. LOL
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    Simplicity Tractors

    A while back I got tired of not being able to use my Simplicity to move the trailer around in the yard (my cub had some issues last summer). So after looking at other owners designs I came up with this. I can still use the factory hitch due to setting the new one higher. I'm also in the process...
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    Archive through January 25, 2012

    Aaron, Nice bucket!!! Have you had the chance to play with the "V" blade idea you had a while back?
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    Archive through December 30, 2011

    Happy New Year everyone! May 2012 be filled with plenty of "CUB" time!
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    Archive through December 23, 2011

    Merry Christmas everyone! Be safe and enjoy.