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    Looking at a Farmall super A

    Trying to get some thoughts from people. Found a farmall super a currently not running but with good tires. It does have a cracked block in front of the carburetor (typical freeze crack location). The Individual doesn’t have an asking price so I through out a low price in a email. While he...
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    104 starter/generator problem

    My 104 has become my trailer hauling tractor. Maybe 1 out of 30 starts the starter won’t turn. If I manually spin the starter slightly it then seems to work fine. Seems like I got a bad spot on the starter/generator. Any suggestion?
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    Caddigger 508 for 1512

    Well finally gave the caddigger a real test! I replaced a 80ft long drainage pipe. The 6” bucket made a great trench and worked pretty good to backfill. Overall 80 ft ditch around 20 inches deep. Once I got into the rythym it worked well. Not as fast as a mini excavator but way faster...
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    Transmission stuck...

    Here is a good video on the transmission rebuild on the cast iron transmission. Might be able to apply some of it to your machine.
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    Look what followed me home: a K321A replacement engine...NOS?

    I have a endoscope that connects to my iPhone or tablet. Works pretty well and was under $40. I used it on my 104 engine before I rebuilt it. Since the cord is so long (11ft) and the camera waterproof I have also used it to explore walls and plumbing in my home as well...
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    International cub cadet Garden tractor snow plow

    I am still crying about the sickle thrown away. So so sad! Enjoy the 54”. I put a larger blade on my 1512. The angle plowing can be tough with deep snow. With lots of weight and tire chains it will push straight pretty good.
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    Caddigger 508 for 1512

    The usefulness never stops! I just had solar panels installed on the edge of the yard. Had to take down 9 trees! Backhoe did an ok job of digging out one stump 8” tree with the 6” trenching bucket. I needed to dig out two more and I wanted to be more efficient. Built another backhoe add...
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    Roll pin problem on Model 1811

    As others mentioned use a spiral pin not a roll pin. Run a little mechanic’s wire through the spiral pin center and connect it to itself. This will prevent the pin from falling out. Based on my experience if the pin is falling out easily there is often wear in some driveline parts. You might...
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    New Member in Michigan's Upper Peninsula

    Depending on how you do things I think you can make either work! I put a cad digger loader onto my 1512. The only modification was 3 holes (1/2”) drilled into the frame. Basically I used existing holes when designing/building the sub frame. With some careful planning you can meet your needs...
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    Cadplan loader for 1512

    Took advantage of some time yesterday and finished up a couple items. 1st - Added a hardened cutting edge to my loader bucket. 2nd - With the bucket removed I gave my grapple a test run. The grapple cylinder is run by the tractors front hydraulic port. I was amazed how easily I could pick...
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    Caddigger 508 for 1512

    Here is a video of the basic operation of the backhoe. I did have one issues with the tractor 3 pt hitch. While digging out a stump I noticed the top link mounting plate was bending the 1/4” steel on the 3 pt frame. I suspected this would be an issue. Took me longer to remove...
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    Caddigger 508 for 1512

    The hoses seem fine to me. My suggestion is to weld on multiple hose clamps (Hose Clamps | Hydraulic Hose and Hose Assemblies | Hydraulics | ) These really help the install and make the mounting pretty clean with hoses.
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    Caddigger 508 for 1512

    If I wasn’t taking the picture you would see the big smile on my face! Backhoe with trenching bucket (6”).
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    2084 Super Garden Tractor won't stay running/gas vanished!

    I am not up on the 2084 but it looks like there is a fuel shut off solenoid on the carb? I have seen a few of these fail to completely operate. Basically they only crack open a tiny bit. This then allows the engine to start but it quickly runs out of fuel because the fuel line is not open...