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    Are Hustler mowers made by MTD?

    Thanks. Hustlers kind of looked MTD oriented. Guess not.
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    Are Hustler mowers made by MTD?

    Kinda looks like they are judging by parts.
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    Commercial arm rest kit

    I've been trying to find an arm rest kit for my M50-KHS Tank commercial zero-turn. Not having much luck.
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    I get an email asking what MTD stands for!

    I didn't see Mechanically Transmitted Disease in the list. That's my favorite slur.
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    Hydraulic cylinder search

    Anybody have a suggestion for a compatible hyd. cyl to use for a hyd. angle adjustment on an aftermarket blade? Thought about a combine auger swing cylinder but most of those I've seen seem too long for the application.
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    GAS in the CRANKCASE

    Help me out here guys. Went to pull my 2072 out of the shed and noticed an oil puddle when I'd never had one before. Long story short, pulled the drain plug and out came a gallon and a half of dirty GAS! Good thing I didn't fire her up. It's the 20 hp Kohler. What do you think? I'm thinkin' fuel...