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  1. bkattner

    Command 18 governor help

    Thanks Matt. I'm going to have to mess with it to see if I can figure out why it isn't working correctly.
  2. bkattner

    Command 18 governor help

    Anyone familiar with the Command twins? I put a CH18 in my 782 3 years ago. It's run good, but had a front cover leak, so this summer I pulled it and resealed the cover. I've reassembled the engine and started it, and it has no governor activity whatsoever. It will idle, but as soon as I...
  3. bkattner

    Gardens 2021

    Well, planted my garlic yesterday. I tried ordering from Johnnys Select as recommended here, but they were sold out. I ended up with a red and a white variety, both from Burpee. I think there was about 30 cloves of the white and 50 cloves of the red. Question I have: will chipmunks harass...
  4. bkattner

    New to me "sad" 782, so I will need lots of help here

    I have a y/w 782 out in the shed and I'm pretty sure the tunnel cover is yellow.
  5. bkattner

    Super steer axle question

    The late super steer casting is swept forward out by the spindles, and I believe all the swept axles have the taller spindles. They'd be on later cyclops tractors like the 1863 & 64. The earlier MTD casting does turn slightly tighter than the IH wide frame front axle, has a slightly wider...
  6. bkattner

    Dodge Charger Police Package

    Ahhh 10-4. I'm in ne IL. We do have a few customers that work over at the Belvedere (sp) plant that come in from time to time. I toured Belvedere in '07 and Kenosha (which is gone now) in '05. Both were pretty interesting.
  7. bkattner

    Dodge Charger Police Package

    Rick, who or where is BAP? I work at a CJDR dealer and see alot of police pkg vehicles.
  8. bkattner

    Cub cadet commercial

    You've got some valid points Oak. I got my hands on a 3000 series myself mainly from reading posts of yours here and elsewhere. But I don't think it went away because of the XT3, I'm going to venture a guess (also based on what I've read elsewhere) that they went away because sales numbers...
  9. bkattner

    Cub cadet commercial

    I bought a new Pro Z 560 last year. It is definitely overkill but it is an absolute animal. Cousin runs Dixie Choppers and Exmarks for his landscaping business- the Dixies look cheap, and light to me. Exmark didn't look bad. A big factor is my Cub dealer is also the closest dealer and I have...
  10. bkattner

    1050 side panels

    Those are Quietline side panels. I'd see if you could just trade them straight up for some white side panels for your tractor.
  11. bkattner

    Carrier Bearings/782

    Looking for a set of diff carrier bearings and bearing cups for a fine spline diff out of an 1811 I'd like to install in my 782. My parts diff tore up the bearing and race on the ring gear side. Looks like they are NLA. Does anyone have a cross reference number? Thanks.
  12. bkattner

    Gardens 2021

    Wow Kraig. Thanks for the link. I never noticed that thread. I will read it later this evening. I will let you know if I turn up empty. Thank you for the offer.
  13. bkattner

    Gardens 2021

    Need help....wife wants me to grow some garlic.....I'm in far northeast Illinois, about 3 miles from the Wisco border. What is a good variety for this area? I read that it gets planted in the fall, is that August, September or October? I've never grown garlic and Dad never did either growing...
  14. bkattner

    New Member in Michigan's Upper Peninsula

    Welcome Where in the UP? I love it up there, but don't get up often. Friend of mine has a camp near Lake Linden. Is that a dealer sticker still on the back of the seat?
  15. bkattner

    Gardens 2021

    I've got some wind damage from last night too. We are also in severe drought conditions, although finally got about 2" of rain in last few days. Lost a cuke, some corn and peppers pushed over. The rain seems to have perked everything else up.