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    FREE 1650 Parts

    I can use the muffler baffle in the upper left of the picture. I am in Felton, CA
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    FREE 1650 Parts

    Are you willing to split them up? I can use the muffler baffle
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    Quietline Headlight Panel

    I have a Quietline headlight panel with two bulbs, rubber grommets and IH logo. It also has the wiring to connect the bulbs. I also have the grill nosepiece it mounts in. One bulb doesn't work. I'm not sure what these parts go for so I am basing pricing on what I found online. $50+shipping for...
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    Quietline/Wide Frame Rear Lift

    Rear lift for a Quitline or wide frame tractor. $150 + shipping.
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    New to me Cub 1200 with some issues.

    I went through the clutch on my 1000 a few years ago and encountered a similar challenge as you are facing. I ended up replacing everything between the engine and transmission. I cost me plenty but I don't regret it. The clutch is smooth as silk and reliable. When you do it right you only...
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    1250 Side Panels and Exhaust Elbow

    I just sent you a PM.
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    Adopted 2 Cub Cadet 100 tractors plus implements

    Where in California are you? I am in the Santa Cruz Mountains. Bob Elliott
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    cub cadet rototiller gearbox 1450 side panels

    I have a pair that are available. Message me if you are interested.
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    1250 Side Panels and Exhaust Elbow

    I have a pair of side panels that came off a 1650. They will fit your tractor. PM or e-mail me if you are interested.
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    I have a 1450 that was a basket case in much worse shape than yours when I got it. I took it down to the frame and built it to work around our house. Most people would have scrapped it but Cub Cadets are hard to find around here. Mine came with a tiller and a box scraper along with a mower...
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    Axles needed for a 1976 model 1650

    I have a 1650 that I am parting out. It is internal brakes but I have the complete transaxle. I am near Santa Cruz, CA. Let me know if you are interested.
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    Seat Time Finally

    I mowed the lawn at our church yesterday. This time of year we get a few weeks of beautiful weather between rain which means lots of vegetation growth. I mowed it with my 1000 which i brought out here from Illinois. I grew up on this machine. I thought you would appreciate these pictures.
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    Archive through January 26, 2019

    Ethan, I hope you have a speedy and full recovery. Ouch
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    Archive through January 26, 2019

    I brought my 1000 down to our church and mowed the lawn. We had a lot of rain early in the month followed by sun so the grass was thick, tall and wet. Some of the other guys tried push mowers but it looked like a bad haircut. They were impressed with the job my 1000 did. Yes, I was wearing...
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    Archive through January 11, 2019

    No snow here in Santa Cruz, CA. Next weekend I have to load the 1000 on the truck to take it down to the church to mow the lawn. We've had lots if rain followed by sun so the grass is getting long.