Cub Cadet Toys

The ERTL company of Dyersville, Iowa USA produced several toys representative of various Cub Cadet models. The toys are diecast, which is a process rather than a material, in 1:16 scale. This means that the real tractor is sixteen times as large as the miniature. The manufacture dates are actual or approximate.

First was the Cub Cadet 122 with blade and cart.
Also available w/o blade and cart.
Cub Cadet 122 w/Blade and Cart

Next was the 125 model also available with a blade and cart. 1968
Cub Cadet 125 w/blade
Cub Cadet 126 The next in the series is the 126 model, also available with blade and cart. 1970
The 129 series was introduced in 1972. It was the first with plastic seat.Cub Cadet 129 w/blade
Cub Cadet model 129 'Spirit of '76' The Cadet Featured the 'Spirit of '76' for the US Bicentennial and ERLT followed suit with a toy 129 Series in 1976 with this graphic scheme.
1976 Also saw the introduction of the Cub Cadet 1650 with covered engine.Cub Cadet 1650
Red Cub Cadet 682 The red 682 Cub Cadet was first introduced in 1980. It was also available with a blade and cart.
The white and yellow Cub Cadet 682 hit the shelves in 1982 and it, likewise, was available with a blade and cart.Yellow Cub Cadet 682