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IH Cub Cadet Forum * Plow Day and Tractor Show announcements  

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Buck Creek Plow Day Rick Beem
 143  10  08-29-15  04:56 pm
by Mick morgan
YESTERYEAR, Hop. town Iowa Garden tractor show & swap meet Rick Beem
   08-27-15  09:12 pm
by Rick Beem
Winnabago, ill county fair tractor show jeff l baker
 21   08-14-15  10:58 pm
by jeff l baker
Forest City Minn Threshing show Matt Lindberg
   08-10-15  11:49 am
by Matt Lindberg
Washington state shows doug barnett
   07-30-15  06:22 pm
by doug barnett
Symco, WI Thresheree--July 24-26, 2015 joshua donald stertz
   07-22-15  07:16 am
by joshua donald ster
Any Plowing Topics Conner James
 39   07-20-15  04:13 pm
by joshua donald ster
Brown Farm Pioneer Days Central City IA 1/26 & 27 David Schwandt
 15   07-18-15  09:42 am
by Josh Spicer
Portage WI 4th annual garden tractor daze 7-10 - 7-12 Don Vogt
   07-01-15  12:29 pm
by Don Vogt
31st annual ateam & Plowing show Marshalltown, IA July 31, Aug1 & 2... David Schwandt
   06-21-15  07:44 am
by David Schwandt
35th Annual Tippecanoe Steam and Gas Power Show Doug Miller
   06-15-15  05:40 pm
by Doug Miller
2015 L&GT Extravaganza Paul E. Funk
   06-15-15  07:36 am
by Kraig McConaughey
End or Mid Summer Plow and Pull Day at Marburger Farm Dairy in PA. walter whitfield
   06-11-15  09:31 pm
by walter whitfield
AJ's Garden Tractor Jamboree in Oregon, IL May 16th, 2015 Josh Spicer
 50   05-23-15  09:18 pm
by Tom Hoffman
Reedsburg, WI PD Paul W.Roessler
 20   04-28-15  10:25 am
by Brian Branstetter
Renfrew, Pa. Plow, Pull and Show Day May 2, 2015 walter whitfield
   04-20-15  06:49 pm
by walter whitfield
Dodgeville, Wisconsin Plow Day. Friday April 10th - Saturday April ... Kraig McConaughey "K
 15   04-12-15  09:05 pm
by Jeff Sandegren
Greater MN Two Cylinder Club Field Days May 2nd and 3rd 2015 Little... William Mortenson
   04-01-15  09:11 pm
by William Mortenson
10th annual PA Plow Day April 17th & 18th 2015 Melody Schutz
   03-06-15  04:15 pm
by Melody Schutz
Vintage Farm Equipment Show, Sept 19,2015 John VanDeGenachte
   01-15-15  08:01 am
by Kraig McConaughey
Blunier Plow Day - Roanoke , IL October 24th & 25th, 2014 Steve Blunier "Mr. P
 175  12  12-22-14  08:56 am
by Dale Merkle
Renfrew, Pa. 4th Annual Fall Plow and Pull Day Nov.15, 2014 walter whitfield
 11   11-22-14  02:01 pm
by walter whitfield
Iowa City/West Branch Iowa plowday. Nov 1st Dave Greazel
 14   11-03-14  01:07 pm
by Steve Shaff
Any one going to the Fly Wheelers Keith Finnerty
   10-22-14  11:47 am
by Keith Finnerty
Montrose Fall Plowday Oct 10-11 Kyler Kittock
 23   10-21-14  04:07 pm
by Vincent Thomley
MN or WI plow days this fall Chris Anton
   09-24-14  02:19 pm
by Chris Anton
Nelson pioneer farm festivel Sept 20 nick fulton
   08-21-14  09:39 pm
by nick fulton
25th annnual tractor show Belmond, IA 8/15-17 David Schwandt
   08-18-14  09:38 am
by David Schwandt
30th Annual Steam Threshing and Plowing Show Aug 1-3 David Schwandt
   08-05-14  10:00 pm
by nick fulton
Forest City Threshers Forest City MN Aug 16-17 Matt Lindberg
   07-31-14  08:33 pm
by Matt Lindberg
3rd Annual Garden Tractor show Portage, WI 7/11 thru noon 7/13 David Schwandt
 10   07-12-14  10:08 am
by Dennis Frisk
Mini (1.5 acre) plow/play in the dirt get together Earlville, IA... David Schwandt
 31   07-08-14  12:28 am
by Jeremiah Chamberli
GTtalk plow day 9-19th 20th 2014 Chuck Aldridge
   06-26-14  12:47 pm
by Chuck Aldridge
Red Power Showdown June 12 -14 Bloomsburg, PA Paul Tombaugh
   05-29-14  10:38 pm
by Melody Schutz
Unadilla, NY Plow Day Melody Schutz
   05-29-14  10:34 pm
by Melody Schutz
AJ's Garden Tractor Jamboree Oregon, IL Saturday, May 17th 2014 John Boelens
 45   05-20-14  09:22 pm
by jeff l baker
Plow, Pull & Show@ the Beacon Hotel in Pa. May 3-4, 2014 walter whitfield
   05-01-14  08:32 pm
by walter whitfield
May 3 & 4 Field Day, Auction, and Swap Meet Little Falls MN William Mortenson
   04-26-14  08:43 am
by William Mortenson
2014 Prarie Homestead Antique Power this year featuring IH Aug 15-17 David Schwandt
   04-20-14  09:34 pm
by David Schwandt
Plow day, 4/26/14, Reedsburg,WI Paul W.Roessler
   04-16-14  05:53 pm
by Paul W.Roessler
9th Annual PA Plow Day Melody Schutz
   04-11-14  05:07 pm
by Melody Schutz
3th annual WPGTA May 3-4, 2014 Garden Tractor Plow, Pull, Show and ... walter whitfield
   03-23-14  04:50 pm
by walter whitfield
Fall Plow & Pull day Nov. 10/ 2012 walter whitfield
   12-14-13  09:10 pm
by walter whitfield
Keck-Gonnerman PD Nov. 9 2013 Chuck Aldridge
   11-15-13  12:15 pm
by Brian Branstetter
2013 West Branch Plow Day Mick morgan
 13   11-02-13  07:44 am
by Steve Shaff
8th Annual Danville PA Plow Day April 12&13, 2013 Melody Schutz
 16   10-27-13  09:22 am
by Marlin Homrighause
8th SE Ottumwa Ia Poppin Johnny Plow Day Oct.19-20,13 Paul Dyer
 10   10-23-13  11:22 am
by Paul Dyer
WPGTA Nov. 16 Plow and Pull Day walter whitfield
   10-17-13  04:03 pm
by walter whitfield
Montrose Fall Harvest Plow Day Oct. 11-12 2013 Rob Dehli. nothing l
 20   10-14-13  09:40 am
by Kraig McConaughey
57th annual Maryland Steam Historical Society Show Bruce Nolte
   09-11-13  05:36 am
by Bruce Nolte
Heritage Park of North Iowa, Forest City, IA September 14-15, 2013 Jim Evans
   08-14-13  09:13 pm
by Jim Evans
Half Century of Prgress August 22-25 2013 show. Dennis Frisk
   08-11-13  07:50 am
by Dennis Frisk
Antique Acres Show, Cedar Falls, IA David Schwandt
   08-10-13  11:09 am
by David Schwandt
Little G Expo 2013 THIS WEEKEND!! Kyle Redlinger
   08-02-13  07:21 am
by Kyle Redlinger
Brown Farm Pioneer Days Central City, IA July 27, 2013 David Schwandt
   07-22-13  11:08 am
by David Schwandt
Erie MI, July 19th and 20th 2013 plow day Kurt Smith
   07-20-13  08:08 am
by Kurt Smith
Lawn & Garden Tractor Pull (Granite, Iowa) Andrew Ebright
   07-15-13  04:48 pm
by Andrew Ebright
Garden Tractor Daze Portage WI Kendal Harvey
   07-14-13  03:31 pm
by Steve Shaff
2nd Annual "Garden Tractor Daze" Portage WI July 12th 13th 14th -20... Bret Esse
   06-12-13  11:52 pm
by Bret Esse
2013 L&GT Extravangaza Paul E. Funk
   05-20-13  10:23 pm
by Paul E. Funk
Herzog's Pull and Plow Day May 18, 2013 walter whitfield
   05-12-13  07:36 pm
by walter whitfield
Plow Day/Show in Knapp, WI This Week!! Michael R. Stertz
   05-11-13  01:52 am
by Michael R. Stertz
AJ's Garden Tractor Jamboree Oregon, IL May 18th John Boelens
   04-21-13  09:50 pm
by John Boelens
Elba,ny ,plow day Grant Milton Morris
   04-21-13  08:50 am
by Grant Milton Morri
Osceola WI Plow Day - Saturday, April 20th Home of the Plow Spe
   04-15-13  07:07 pm
by Home of the Plow S
Northeast Iowa Plow day Rob Dehli. nothing l
 23   04-03-13  05:58 pm
by Rob Dehli. nothing
21st Annual Greater MN Two Cylinder Club Field Days William Mortenson
   03-31-13  09:10 pm
by William Mortenson
NY Plow Day mike conway
   03-24-13  03:13 pm
by mike conway
Possible?? Spring Plow Day West Branch 2013 Mick morgan
   03-20-13  07:46 pm
by Mike Hicks
7th Annual PA Plow Day April 13-14,2012 Jonathan Reding
 10   02-22-13  11:14 am
by Melody Schutz
MECUM "GONE FARMIN' Auction" April 6,2013 Dennis Frisk
   01-13-13  12:34 pm
by Dennis Frisk
WPGTA'S Plow,Pull and Show on May 4, 2013 @ Beacon Hotel walter whitfield
   12-18-12  07:46 pm
by walter whitfield
Iowa City / West Branch Plow Day 2012 Mick morgan
 23   11-07-12  08:05 pm
by Mick morgan
Vintage Garden Tractor Show & Swap Meet Sugarcreek, OH May 11, 20... Devon Werker
   11-03-12  02:28 pm
by Devon Werker
Fall Plow Day 2012 - Blunier's - Roanoke, IL Steve Blunier "Mr. P
 81   11-03-12  06:43 am
by David Schwandt
Nov.4, 2012 Plow Day Fredericksburg, VA. Frank Watson, In SE.
   10-31-12  07:15 pm
by Frank Watson, In S
7th Annual S.E.IOWA PD Oct 20/21-2012 Paul Dyer
 13   10-26-12  05:46 pm
by Marlin Homrighause
Fall Montrose Mn plow days Oct 12-13th 2012 Rob Dehli. nothing l
 20   10-23-12  11:48 am
by Mike Duwe
Pictures! Donald Tanner
 10   10-20-12  06:23 pm
by Brian Branstetter
Arkansaw, Wisconsin Plow Days Oct. 5-6 Vincent Thomley
 31   10-08-12  08:44 pm
by Glenn Peterson
Heritage Park of North Iowa, Forest City, IA Sept 15-16,2012 Jim Evans
   09-11-12  07:01 am
by David Schwandt
Upcoming Garden Tractor Pull-Sept. 9 Dalton MN William Mortenson
   09-04-12  08:07 pm
by William Mortenson
FOREST CITY MN TRACTOR SHOW AUG 18 & 19, 2012 Matt Lindberg
   08-09-12  12:23 pm
by Matt Lindberg
LittleG moved to Brodhead WI aUG 10-12,2012 Paul Dyer
 10   08-02-12  07:09 pm
by jeff l baker
Erie Michigan Plow Day July 13-14 2012 Kurt Smith
 12   07-15-12  06:27 pm
by Gary Blackman
Portage, WI Show Update "GARDEN TRACTOR DAZE" JULY 14th & 15th... Bret Esse
   07-04-12  11:36 pm
by Bret Esse
1st Annual “Garden Tractor Daze” W/PLOW DAYS Bret Esse
   05-15-12  07:53 am
by Bret Esse
WI, Dane county PD?? Paul W.Roessler
   05-08-12  10:07 am
by Paul W.Roessler
1st Annual Western Iowa Lawn and Garden tractor Show June 17 jeff miesner
   05-02-12  02:34 pm
by jeff miesner
Graham Antique Tractor & Machinery Club Show Clark Miracle
   04-30-12  09:52 am
by Clark Miracle
Plow Day April 28, 2012 - New Richmond, Wisconsin Vincent Thomley
   04-16-12  08:32 am
by Vincent Thomley
3rd Annual Osceola WI Plow Day - April 14 Home of the Plow Spe
 32   04-16-12  08:01 am
by Ron Thomley
Northeast Iowa plow day spring 2012 April 7, 2012 Rob Dehli. nothing l
 54   04-10-12  01:29 pm
by Rob Dehli. nothing
Missouri 2 Cylinder Club Show & Garden Tractor Pull 5/5-6/12 Adam Vaught
   04-03-12  09:36 pm
by Adam Vaught
Vintage Garden Tractor Show Devon Werker
   03-29-12  07:40 am
by Devon Werker
20th annual Greater MN Two-Cylinder Club Field Days,Swap Meet & Auc... William Mortenson
   03-24-12  09:53 am
by William Mortenson
5 Annual Cub Days Tractor Cruise May 5, 2012 walter whitfield
   03-09-12  06:55 am
by walter whitfield
"NOTICE"Public Auction, March 17, 2012 Lots of Cub Cadets walter whitfield
   02-08-12  12:02 pm
by walter whitfield
4th Annual Plow day and Show April 28, 2012 walter whitfield
 11   01-13-12  07:48 pm
by walter whitfield
5 Annual J & D Lawn and Tractor Cub Days Tractor Cruise May 5, 2012... walter whitfield
   01-10-12  07:41 pm
by walter whitfield
Southeast Iowa Plow Day 2012 Adam Johnston
   12-05-11  05:15 pm
by Adam Johnston
Plow Day Iowa City/West Branch,Iowa Dave Greazel
 44   11-10-11  08:15 pm
by Charlie "Digger" P
S.E.IOWA PD Oct 15th &16th,2011 Paul Dyer
 15   11-03-11  05:12 pm
by michael laverne ca
Marthasville MO Plow Day Oct. 15 Adam Vaught
 10   10-24-11  04:56 am
by randy littrell
Fall Harvest Day 2010 Montrose, Mn Andy Van Wettering
 61   10-17-11  06:33 pm
by Charlie "Digger" P
Western Wisconsin Plow Days Oct. 7-8th Glenn Peterson
 23   10-14-11  09:39 am
by Mick morgan
Missouri Garden Tractor only plow day July 15-17 Adam Vaught
   10-06-11  10:33 pm
by randy littrell
Northeast Indiana Plow Day J.T. Eggers
   09-22-11  04:10 pm
by J.T. Eggers
   08-23-11  04:46 pm
by Steven Bauer
Weldon Iowa Swap Meet July 30 Jeff Sandegren
   07-19-11  09:22 am
by Jeff Sandegren
Adams, tn tractor show July 15-16 Lucas Jones
   07-13-11  01:24 pm
by Lucas Jones
100+ Years of Progress, November 4th, 5th, and 6th Jeremiah Chamberlin
   07-07-11  01:34 pm
by Jeremiah Chamberli
Missouri 2 Cylinder Club Show June 18-19 Adam Vaught
   06-12-11  09:40 pm
by Adam Vaught
Plow Day Jefferson, WI May 21st Mike Duwe
 11   05-18-11  10:19 pm
by Mike Duwe
Missouri Plow Day Terry Reed
   05-14-11  08:10 am
by Terry Reed
Wisc/Minn Border Spring Plow Day! Home of the Plow Spe
 29   04-26-11  05:43 pm
by Greg Lippert
PA Plow Day April 2011 Terry Reed
 10   04-22-11  09:00 pm
by Melody Schutz
19th Annual Greater MN Two Cyl. Club May 6th, 7th, and 8th, 2011 William Mortenson
   03-23-11  09:21 am
by William Mortenson
Jacktown Annual Snow Show Jan 15, 2011 in Bangor Pa Jeff Derstine
   01-14-11  06:11 pm
by Jeff Derstine
PLOW DAYS in WESTERN PENNSYLVANIA April 30th walter whitfield
   01-06-11  04:42 pm
by walter whitfield
Other Plow Days
Announce other plow days, discuss and post pictures from these events here.
 126   01-03-11  05:14 pm
by Lonny Buttke
Fall 2010 Plow Day - Blunier's - Roanoke, IL Steve Blunier "Mr. P
 38   11-01-10  07:50 pm
by Paul W.Roessler
West/Central Wisconsin Plow Day Oct 16th Glenn Peterson
 11   10-18-10  08:10 pm
by Ron Thomley
Nov 13 2010 Keck Gonnerman Plow Day Chuck Aldridge
   09-24-10  10:10 am
by Chuck Aldridge
Rudins Olde Tyme Farm Days - Owego, NY Carey Hunt
   08-30-10  11:30 am
by Carey Hunt
Antique Engine and Tractor Show Eugene Winfrey
   08-26-10  02:09 pm
by Eugene Winfrey
Spring 2010 Plow Day Travis "Lord Farquad
 121   07-07-10  04:28 pm
by Travis Schweizer
Tractor show Dave Ross
   07-07-10  02:40 am
by Dave Ross
Osceola, Wisconsin Plow Day photos 4-17-2010 Kraig McConaughey "K
 27   04-26-10  07:55 am
by Home of the Plow S
Chippewa Valley Rural Heritage Spring Fling 2010 Lonny Buttke
   04-09-10  08:09 am
by Vincent Thomley
Spring Plow Day in Iowa City/West Branch area? Dave Greazel
 10   03-22-10  02:10 pm
by Jeff Sandegren
18th annual Greater Minnesota Two- Cylinder Club, Feild days, aucti... William Mortenson
   03-21-10  09:04 pm
by William Mortenson
Garden Tractor Plowing 2010 William Mortenson
   03-21-10  09:03 pm
by William Mortenson
Franklin County Antique Machinery & Tractor Show Dustin Sacksteder
   02-22-10  06:34 pm
by Dustin Sacksteder
National vintage garden tractor show Chris Westfall
   02-22-10  06:27 pm
by Chris Westfall
Fall Harvester PLOW DAY "2009" Bob Hafften
 98   12-09-09  06:23 pm
by John Lang
South East Iowa Plow Day Oct 2009 Paul Dyer
 28   11-16-09  10:09 pm
by Mick morgan
North East Iowa Fall Plow day Rob Dehli. nothing l
 21   10-29-09  05:29 pm
by Rick beem
WMAT&MA fall swap meet near KC, Mo. randy littrell
   10-11-09  05:56 am
by randy littrell
2009 Midwest Cubarama Terry Reed
   09-21-09  12:42 pm
by Terry Reed
Central Indiana CubFest Steve Butram
   09-21-09  11:52 am
by Tom Hoffman
Plow Day - Fall 2008 Roanoke, IL Steve Blunier "Mr. P
 58   09-11-09  02:24 pm
by christopher anders
PSA- Garden Tractor Pull- NY Scott Tanner... The
   09-08-09  08:11 am
by Scott Tanner... Th
61st Annual Thresherman's Reunion Lancaster, PA August 12-15, 2009 Lucas Craig Hockensm
   08-14-09  08:57 pm
by Lucas Craig Hocken
2009 Michigan Gas Tractor Show - August 21-23 Robert M. Clements
   07-28-09  02:28 pm
by Robert M. Clements
SCRAP Richard Palmer
   06-22-09  12:10 pm
by Richard Palmer
Tractor shows  
 10   06-15-09  12:50 pm
by Marlin Homrighause
Spring Plow Day 17 Charlie "Digger" Pro
 22   05-24-09  05:09 pm
by Lawrence Abner Sta
Chippewa Valley Rural Heritage May 17th, 2009 Ron Thomley
   05-19-09  03:08 pm
by Vincent Thomley
WMAT&MA Adrian, MO June 26-28, 2009 Keith LeJeune
   05-14-09  12:07 pm
by Keith LeJeune
BOONE IOWA PLOW DAY APRIL 25,2009 Marlin Homrighausen
 18   04-26-09  07:22 pm
by Rob Dehli. nothing
Foothills Antique Power Association Cory Owens
   04-25-09  09:41 pm
by Cory Owens
Kentucky Plow Day Dale Merkle
   04-10-09  09:23 am
by Dale Merkle
South east plow days? thomas fraser
   04-03-09  02:19 pm
by Lyle Baker
IHCC Winter Convention Paul Bell
   02-27-09  01:06 pm
by Paul Bell
Lawn Mower Rodeo and Pull ! Fun for all !! Jeff Bever
   02-19-09  12:50 pm
by Jeff Bever
2009 Red Power Roundup, Madison WI. July 23-25 Dennis Frisk
   02-11-09  09:31 am
by Dennis Frisk
HCEA Antique Construction Equipment Show Thomas Berry
   02-11-09  08:28 am
by Thomas Berry
Upper MidWest Cheesy Cub Fest II Lonny Buttke
   01-21-09  08:40 pm
by Lonny Buttke
Chippewa Valley Heritage Days, May 18 2008 Lonny Buttke
 36   05-20-08  05:14 pm
by Lonny Buttke
Fall Plowday 14 Info Charlie "Digger" Pro
 143  10  12-09-07  09:36 pm
by Kraig McConaughey
WI tractor shows dean sauve
   08-20-07  07:42 pm
by Tom Hoffman
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