Here are some plow setup hints posted back on or about April 9th, 2001 by Steve Blunier:

A couple key adjustments:

CLEAN THE MOLDBOARD!!! If it's rusty or rough it will not plow well. Sand the rust off and polish the share/moldboard to as bright of a surface as possible. Some slip-plate will help you get past the initial "teething" while your trying to polish up the plow.

Set the coulter fairly deep so it almost runs on the bearing/yoke. This will help clean up the furrow wall and make the plow pull easier.

Limit the left swing of the plow - not too much, but limit it enough that the tractor helps hold the landside in the furrow. Makes for cleaner furrow walls.

Level the plow so that the landside tail is about 1/2" off the bottom of the furrow.

Limit the coulter swing to the right to keep it out of the beam and help the plow track straight.

Check that your sleeve hitch lift links are allowing the plow to go all the way down. Generally speaking, the plow should only be about 3" off the ground when raised all the way up. Start in the middle hole of the lower 3 pt. hitch mount. Move to the top hole if you need to lower the plow.

If your plowing sod with one of the Brinly plows all bets are off. You may need to raise or remove the coulter and "lock" the sleeve hitch swing adjustments just to keep the plow in the ground. More point is usually required too.

Most 10" Brinlys can be adjusted to plow 6" deep with a decent furrow wall in "broken" ground...slightly shallower in sod.

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