A good reference aimed primarily at early tractors (Original, 70/100) is available at Bob Necker's International Cub Cadet Paint and Decal Page.  Note the paragraph at the end written by Ken Updike - it explains the serial number breaks for the various shades of white used in IH Cub Cadet production from the Original through the Quiet Lines.
Here are some paint codes for the various IH Cub Cadet colors:
IH Color
Tractor Serials MTD/Cub Cadet Case/IH PPG Martin Senour
NAPA Crossfire DuPont
901 white 501-218009     8665 99L-3965 53A-3965  
902 white 218010-375938     90592 99L-10649
935 white 375939-756299 759-3259 spray
759-3264 quart
991115N spray
991116R1 quart
91607 99L-11934 53A-11934 59664
483 yellow 501-335967
759-3258 spray
759-3263 quart
991098N spray
991084R2LF quart
B90890LF gallon
81518 99L-3857 53A-3857 27849
483B yellow 335968-562954  
2150 red 665001-756299 759-3260 spray
759-3265 quart
991012N spray
991010R2 quart
B90882LF gallon
Gloss Black 665001-756299   B17680N spray
B17681 quart
B17682 gallon
Hi-Temp Black   759-3261          


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