Welcome to the International Harvester Cub Cadet FAQ

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  1. How do I get an account so I can post?

  2. Why can't I use the activation key you sent so I can start posting?

  3. How come you guys won't answer my question about my Cub Cadet built after April 1981?

  4. How come you guys won't answer my question about my Cadet lawn tractor?

  5. What colors should I use to paint my IH Cub Cadet?

  6. How do I get manuals, parts books or parts?

  7. How do I get those darn set screws out of my PTO?

  8. How much is my IH Cub Cadet worth?

  9. Just what the heck is a sleeve hitch adapter anyway?

  10. How do I figure out the age of my tractor using the serial number? or My serial number is 385058R1. How old is my tractor? (includes model identification)

  11. What do the letters A, Q and S mean when used in a Kohler K series designation?

  12. I've forgotten my password or username to the forum. Now what?

  13. How do I get the steering wheel off without screwing it up?

  14. My hydro is speeding up or slowing down on its own. How do I fix it?

  15. How do I level my mower deck?

  16. Anyone got any instructions for doing a super steering box rebuild?

  17. Is there a spark plug cross reference?

  18. Is there an easy way to fix my narrow frame clutch?

  19. How do I adjust my single-bottom plow?

  20. My engine quits when it's really hot or Are there any additives you recommend for oil or gas?

  21. How does a starter/generator work and how do I troubleshoot it?

  22. How do I post a picture on the forum?

  23. Could you tell me some things I can learn from a dog?

  24. What's the difference between a plow and blade?

  25. Is it a snowthrower or a snowblower?

  26. How do I change the fluid in my IH Cub Cadet rear end?

  27. Can you help with some of the technical computer lingo you guys use?

  28. Does anyone have the monthly production reports for IH Cub Cadet Tractors?

  29. What can you tell me about those little cast iron Cadet statues?