IHC Original Paint Can Case IH Paint Can

IH Cub Cadet 'Original'
Serial #501-65457
Paint and Graphics

Most restorers prefer to use OEM (original equipment manufacturer) parts and paint is no exception. International Cub Cadet colors are available from your local CUB CADET and CASE IH dealer. For those who prefer to obtain their paint elsewhere the following paint codes are from the respective manufacturers. I will assume no responsibility for their accuracy.

Some decals are available from your CUB CADET or CASE IH dealer.

Hood Decal on 1962 Original Cub Cadet

Tom Hoffman's Original Hood

Reproduction Die Cut Vinyl Hood Decal

Hood Decal Set from Us

Reproduction Hood Decal

Cub Cadet Hood Decal IH2750813R

Reproduction Dash Decal

Dash decal #2750805R3

Paint is available in pre-mixed quarts and spray cans from CUB CADET and CASE IH dealers. Most of the other manufacturers have quarts and pints available.
Any additions or corrections to this are appreciated.







These colors are not absolute. Your PC video capabilities and monitor settings will greatly affect their rendition and they are intended as a comparison only. (Color chips courtesy of Jim Chabot.)

IH used two colors of yellow in the production of the Cub Cadets. IH #483 Yellow was used from serial # 501 to 335967 AND from SN # 562955 to 664996............IH #483B Yellow was used from SN# 335968 to SN# 562954. So yes, IH Federal yellow is correct, but for those "extreme purists" here's your ammo. IH used three colors of white in the production of the Cub Cadets. IH #901 white was used from SN# 501 to SN# 218009.........IH #902 White was used from SN#218010 to SN#375938.........IH #935 White was used from SN# 375939 till the end of the RED 82 series Cub Cadet production in 1985. Once again here's the "ammo" for the "extreme purists". Make sure that you take your paint chip charts with you before you start to "critique" a Cub Cadets paint at a show.