Thanks to Bill Bishop of Victor, MT for sharing his Cub Cadet 126 with attached Johnson Work Horse loader with the Cub Cadet website and it's readers.

Loader Left Side

The Johnson Hydraulic Division of The ARPS Corporation located in Holstein, WI manufactured front end loaders designed for various small tractors. (Some of you may recall that the ARPS Corporation designed, manufactured and marketed the ARPS Half-Track and Super Snow Bird Snow Traveling Equipment.) The loader pictured here is mounted on a Cub Cadet 126. It is self contained with the pump mounted on the left side frame rail and driven from the engine pulley ahead of the clutch assembly.

Loader Left Front

These loaders are fairly heavy and require a counter weight on the rear of the tractor if a load of any appreciable size is lifted. According to Bill, who has owned it for 15 years, the stock front steering spindles are prone to breakage and stock rear axles are a weak point. Replacement spindles are said to be somewhat stronger. Maybe the pullers could shed some light on stronger rear axles.

Loader Right Side

The mower deck may be used while the loader is mounted but Bill says he removes the bucket when using the mower to facilitate easier steering and maneuverability.